G7W's WOT logo submission

This is my submission, all images are in 32bit PNG format - sorry IE6 users.

I use Macromedia's Fireworks MX to create graphics with.
The master PNGs are layered; anyone with Fireworks MX (+) can edit the individual components (bitmaps and paths).

The Fireworks masters shall be included in a RAR archive along with these sample images, if I win the contest. :-)

Thoughts behind this design

  1. Web
    Spider web, WWW, network mesh, etc., etc.
    Visually represented with the greyish spider web in the backgroud.

  2. of
    Wow, Dictionary.com has more meanings for the word of than you'd imagine.
    I take it to be a simple connection between members of WOT and the way they rate a site (agreed netiquette).
    I represent this collective agreement by using expressionless faces (no smile or frown).
    No expression equals no emotion; keeps the rating of a site unbiased and fair.

    Why four faces?
    Well, there are four points on the compass and four hemispheres to the globe (world), so four faces seemed reasonable. Besides, three didn't fill the background area very well, and more than four looked conjested.

  3. Trust
    to commit or consign with trust or confidence
    In the old ways a handshake is all that was needed to seal a contract or ensure upon agreement.
    I can think of no other iconic symbol to define Trust better than a handshake.

To create a logo in the Google style, one or more letters are morphed into an icon, with or without other graphics included (fore or background). I've decided to replace only the swirly "O" in WOT with the handshake and add the web and faces into the image.

Update! 27DEC2008

Three (3) sets of logos have been created: flat, beveled, and mixed.

The flat utilizes WOT's original logo, the beveled have been dressed up with some "eye candy" and the mixed is merely the flat with the beveled heart shake.

I do not prefer the beveled set as much as I do the flat, but the mixed is a nice compromise between the two.

The WOT logo designs are now complete. I plan on no further modifications, so...

without further ado:

NOTE: This graphic is generic, there is no event or holiday associated with it.



450px X230px 32bit PNG


300px X 155px 32bit PNG


225px X 115px 32bit PNG


111px X 65px 32bit PNG



450px X230px 32bit PNG


300px X 155px 32bit PNG


225px X 115px 32bit PNG


111px X 65px 32bit PNG



450px X230px 32bit PNG


300px X 155px 32bit PNG


225px X 115px 32bit PNG


111px X 65px 32bit PNG